手術後の経過は順調、ベットでうたた寝しながら、Amazon primeのビデオを見ていたりしています。ここ最近あれもしなくちゃ、これもしなくちゃで焦って疲れてたので、心的にも良い休暇になりそう。


It is said that the average person knows the quality of a sushi restaurant with "Kohada". I want to be able to pass through so many shops that I can tell.

The post-surgery progress has been smooth, and I am napping on the bed and watching Amazon prime videos. I've had to do that recently and I'm tired of having to do this too, so it's going to be a good mental vacation.

I think a lot of people are bored by the suspension of schools and events due to the coronavirus. When I return, I want to send a lot of entertainment. Please wait for a while!

据说一般人都知道“ Kohada”寿司店的质量。 我希望能够穿过这么多商店,我可以告诉。

手术后的进展一直很顺利,我正在床上睡觉,并观看了亚马逊的优质视频。 我最近不得不这样做,而且我也厌倦了必须这样做,因此这将是一个不错的心理假期。

我认为,许多人因冠状病毒而对学校停课和活动感到无聊。 当我回来时,我想发送很多娱乐。 请等一会儿!

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